The Association of Surgeons of Uganda was established more than 50 years ago with a mission of advancing surgical care in Uganda. The association promotes universal safe surgical access through promotion of training, advocacy as well as charity in the form of provision of free surgical services.
The organisation is thus in line with the target of achieving the goals of the Lancet commission on global surgery to ensure universal safe surgical access. We have implemented various health development and promotion programmes to improve the productivity of our population and as a result spur them out of poverty.

Through our programs, several conditions that have previously prevented people from favourbaly engaging in various activities including farming, business as well as school have been corrected. This thus removes surgical diseases as a hindrance to people achieving their full potential and hence creates healthy lifestyles that can uplift peoples livelihoods.


We envision a Uganda where all people have access to affordable safe surgical care. A country where safe surgery is within reach to everyone irrespective of their financial,education status or place of residence.

We believe in a country where correctable surgical illnesses should not hinder any person from achieving there full potential.

MR. Ssekabira John


MR. Ssenyonjo Hussein

Vice President

MR. Kakembo Nasser

General Secretary

MS. Anena Brenda

Organising secretary

MR. Mbiine Ronald

Information & research secretary

MS. Nansubuga Margret

Deputy Information & research secretary

MR. Omona Alfonse

Publicity secretary

MR Assiimwe Frank

Treasurer/Finance secretary

Prof. Moses Galukande

Representative-Makerere/Mulago region

MR Luweesi Henry

Central representative

MR Jombwe Josephat

COSESCSA Country representative

MR Kiryabwire Joel

COSESCSA Country representative

MR Obiga Oscar

Western Uganda representative

MR Kayima Peter


Each region has a respresentative who sits on the council and as such directly contributes to the day to day running of the organisation. The regional representatives participate in the organisation of the association activities in the region.
The council members periodically sit to discuss and plan for associtaion activities and also hold an annual general meeting where feedback and critical desicions are made as pertains the surgical profession in Uganda.